We have launched Flexible CMS for small to large businesses to get online faster and more affordable using customized WordPress themes. If you aren’t familiar with website design and using WordPress and themes in Fargo, you should learn more about them. WordPress has become very popular and is the best platform for amateurs to build websites without design or development skills. (In fact, many local non – developers use WordPress and themes as custom website design for their clients!) The WordPress platform allows non-developers to create websites, blog, portfolios web pages and more.

Editing a pre-made WordPress theme and developing a custom website design from scratch are two different things. So, we now offer theme customization for just the minimal effort it takes to edit and plug in your content. You only need a high-quality logo content and photography – images and you are set. For a few hundred dollars – it’s game over!

The minds behind it all – We are experts!
We are a small team of web design experts, technical programming geeks that think beyond the desktop PC. We aren’t new web designers – we have been building custom websites for years. We’re very proud of what we do and don’t think of it as just a job. We live for custom web design and code. All of our web design projects are handcrafted tailored made, and refined by us in Fargo. We take normal websites and make them mobile ready, adaptive, fast loading, so they work on multiple devices. We also made it easy for you and built web optimization “SEO” right in, so you can focus on your business.

Why is it so inexpensive?
When WordPress is paired with any wordpress theme it becomes our best friend. WordPress is just amazing for our experienced developers and custom designers to use. WordPress themes will save you money because they are plug and play. There are literally thousands of pre-made themes to select from. WordPress themes also help us by eliminating more than 60% of the work would normally do for a custom website design project.

Theme customization isn’t a science – It’s plug and play.
Themes are pretty awesome, but we’re pretty sure you haven’t heard about them yet. Seriously, you might be quick to call it love at first sight, but really probably more like a must have for your web presence. It will change the way you do business. Just think, having a web design that’s accessible on multiple devices, smart phones, and browsers – it gives you an advantage. Themes you love will be an absolute positive user experience your customers will appreciate.