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How to use WordPress as a website CMS

Content Management Systems Flexible CMS web Design Fargo. ND. It’s very important for our clients to be able to easily maintain and manage their website once it has been developed. This means they are able to add text, images, links and any copy without having to call our Flexible CMS web designers to make edits. For Fargo clients our website content management CMS system gives them the freedom to edit anything at any time and saves them money.

A content managements system that is easy to use, edit and maintain your responsive or mobile ready website content. You don’t have to learn code, or be a programmer to edit your website anymore. Search engine optimization is built right in, so you don’t have to worry about SEO.

How do I make changes? This is the most common question we get from potential clients. And the most common complaint we hear is that they usually have to wait weeks for their webmaster to make any changes that they need. And a complaint that goes right along with that is the incredibly high cost of changes, even as small as switching out a photo. WordPress allows you to change out your portfolio images on a regular basis without added cost. You can add new pages without knowing how to code. You can manage your contact info and team photos, and everything else that you want to feature on your website. A content management system allows you, the user, to make those changes yourself. WordPress is as easy to use as email. Having a CMS allows you to stay ahead of your industry, changing and adding new content to make sure you’re on top of what your clients need. Content is king in the online marketing world, and control of your content is imperative.

WordPress is a very common option for Content Management. WordPress software is very simple. For the beginner, there are a few terms and functions to get used to, but most of the online editor buttons are simple enough. If you know a little code, you can do a lot more. There are many plugins that allow you to do just about anything with your web site.

The great thing about using WordPress CMS is its price. Free. We have a simple WordPress package that includes enough time to upload the software to your hosting account and make a few tweaks to the theme so it looks like you. And we offer classes so you can learn how to edit with ease. This could be a budget saving option for businesses that don’t need anything too custom.